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Public Works

Public Works Department

The Mission of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe Public Works Department is to develop, manage, maintain, repair, and remodel the organizations infrastructure and facilities; and to provide whatever services the organization needs to support its mission.

The vision of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe Public Works Department is to provide great customer service at the highest standard of excellence.
The Public Works Management Department organization is a team that
• Promotes civility
• Promotes mentoring
• Encourages innovation
• Trusts and empowers our staff
• Has open communication
• Assures confidentiality
• Strives for excellence and effectiveness

Strategic Plan
The Public Works Department Strategic Plan is intended to align itself with the overall Organizational Plan in keeping focus on the 7 strategic objectives.
1. Provide services and increase access to all Cowlitz Members
2. Enhanced, transparent, meaningful communication
3. Improve and sustain policies, procedures, and processes across the organization
4. Assist the Tribe and Tribal Members to become more self-sufficient
5. Continue to exercise sovereignty to maintain and restore our inherent rights in our aboriginal territory
6. Work better together
7. Preserve, protect, recover, and grow tradition, culture, and language to promote cultural identity


Public Works Department
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Tukwilla Elevator project starting soon. Before and After (predicted)

Tukwilla elevator before   elevator after preposed


Longview's new Transportation office remodel is an ongoing project as of January 2022

 new transportation building 1   new transportation building 2   new transportation building 3


The Longview Substance Use Disorder and Mental Health office project was designed in November 2021. 

The construction is in progress with an estimated completion in the summer of 2022.

 SUD 1

 SUD 2    SUD 4    SUD 3


Swift Schoolhouse barn door replacement and graffiti removal projects were completed in July 2021

Swift Schoolhouse door 1   Swift Schoolhouse door 2   Swift Schoolhouse door 3    

 Swift Schoolhouse Graffiti 1   Swift Schoolhouse Graffiti 2   Swift Schoolhouse Graffiti 3


 The Cornelius House upgrades were completed in September 2021

 Cornelius Deck 2   Cornelius Deck 3   Cornelius Deck 4


Longview campus Health and Human Services parking lot resurfacing was completed in October 2021

 Parking Lot Resurfacing 1   Parking Lot Resurfacing 2   Parking Lot Resurfacing 3


The Cornelius House barn door was completed in July 2020 

 Cornelius Barn Door 1   Cornelius Barn Door 2   Cornelius Barn Door 3



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