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Cowlitz Tribal Member Services (CTMS)

Cowlitz Tribal Member Services (CTMS)


Cowlitz Tribal Member Services (CTMS) is dedicated to serving Cowlitz Tribal Members. 

The CTMS team is here to assist members with navigating through Cowlitz programs and services and to assist in finding alternate resources that may be available in tribal members local area. 

Our team has a dedicated Benefits Specialist that can assist members in signing up for healthcare coverage through the Healthcare Exchange or local and state Medicaid systems. 

CTMS can assist Cowlitz Tribal Members Nationwide with Prescription Coverage, Gym Membership Reimbursements, and Free Amazon Prime Business Accounts.

Contact Cowlitz Tribal Member Services today at:

Call: 1-877-COWLITZ/1-877-269-5489 or Email:

Cowlitz Tribal Member Services supports the mission and vision of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and the Cowlitz Indian Tribe’s Health and Human Services Department.



Generational wellness for all our relations.


It is the mission of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe, Health and Human Services Department to promote an optimal level of wellbeing for American Indians and Alaska Natives by utilizing traditional, modern, and culturally responsive practices that create balance in the physical, mental, spiritual, and social components of life.



The mission of the Cowlitz Indian Tribe is to preserve and honor the legacy of our elders and ancestors by empowering a tribal community that promotes our social and economic well- being, secures our aboriginal lands, respects our culture and sovereignty, and fosters justice, freedom, and our mutual welfare. 


We the Cowlitz are the forever people; who strive to stay connected to our land, water, and Tamaniwas to achieve a healthy prosperous community for all generations. 


Ethics - Ethics are one of our most sacred values. Our actions, our behavior and our decisions reflect our high ethical values. We treat each other with honesty and respect, and we act with integrity. 

Integrity - Our sound moral judgement, individually and collectively, nurtures harmony in all our interactions. By supporting each other in the exercise of honorable principles, we flourish as a cohesive whole. 

Leadership - It is with dedication, courage and wisdom that Leaders ensure the work needed to carry out the mission is accomplished. As Leaders, we are loyal to the needs of our people, and we exhibit honor and humility in our actions. 

Respect - Native American isn’t just blood, it’s what is in our heart that defines respect. The love for the land, the respect for it and those who inhabit it. Through respect and acknowledgement of our ancestors and elders we teach our future generations the importance of respect. 

Family - Through traditions, values, and teachings, we understand bringing families together is fundamental in honoring the generations that have come before, and in preserving the family structure for generations to come. Recognizing the importance of all members of the family empowers our community to heal and prosper.


Services & Programs:

Marketplace/Medicaid/Medicare Insurance Assistance 

Need Insurance? Contact Cowlitz Tribal Member Services and a Benefits Specialist to find out what healthcare options may be available in your area. 

Prescription Drug Coverage 

Cowlitz Indian Tribe has partnered with Prescryptive to provide all Cowlitz Tribal Members nationwide with free Prescription drug coverage. 

Fill out the form below and our team will sign you up for prescription coverage today! 

Sign up for Prescription Drug Coverage

*Each Individual Enrolled Cowlitz Tribal Member will need their own individual form submitted. 

Prescryptive FAQs 


Please allow 4-6 weeks for your new prescription card to arrive. 

If you need your prescription information sooner, please call 1-877-COWLITZ and a team member will provide you with the necessary information.

Cowlitz Indian Tribe Overview Booklet

This booklet outlines all departments within the Cowlitz Indian Tribe. The sections cover the key functions, purpose, and eligibility of service, if applicable, for each program. Completing this booklet took effort from all aspects of the tribe and was done so with care, to best represent the tribe and its efforts to serve our AN/AI community. 

Culture Kits 

Cowlitz Tribal Member Services has culture items available to ship free to Cowlitz Tribal Members Nationwide. Some items available for request are Drum Kits, Cedar Bracelet Kits, Dream Catcher Kits, Beading Kits, Tea Kits, Medicine Bag Kits and much more. 

Complete the Culture Kit Request form to review the different culture items available and select your items to be shipped. 

Request your culture kit!

*Please Complete the Hold Harmless Form below if you are requesting a Tea Kit and once filled out please email it back to or mail the completed form to Cowlitz Tribal Member Services 1000 Davis Pl. Dupont, WA 98327.  

Tea Kit Hold Harmless Form:

Hold Harmless PDF Form

Amazon Prime Business Memberships 

Cowlitz Tribal Members are eligible for a free Amazon Prime Business account. 

Amazon Prime Business has the same free shipping available that Amazon Prime has and thousands of additional items to choose from. 

Please fill out the form with the required information and you will receive an email when you have been added to the Cowlitz Amazon Prime Business account. 

Amazon Prime Information Form

*Please note that Amazon Prime Business accounts do not include Amazon Prime Music or Video. 

Gym Membership Reimbursements

Cowlitz Tribal Members nationwide are eligible for Gym Membership reimbursements.

Please see the guidelines for reimbursement:

  1. We will reimburse for an initiation fee up to $100, one time only.
  2. We will reimburse individual membership up to $100 per month and a family plan up to $200 per month. To be eligible for the family plan there must be a minimum of two (2) enrolled Cowlitz members in the plan.
  3. Members must exercise in the facility at least eight (8) times per month to remain eligible for reimbursement.
  4. Members of the family plan must provide documentation that all Cowlitz members on the plan have exercised two (2) times a week during the month. If only one member meets the criteria, we will only reimburse you at the individual rate of $40.
  5. Any month where utilization of the facility falls below the guidelines, reimbursement will be denied.

It is the responsibility of all participants to adhere to the reimbursement guidelines.

Tribal Members will only be eligible for one gym membership reimbursement per month for each individual Tribal Member.

For reimbursement, please submit the requested documents via Email, Mail, or Fax: 

  1. Proof-of-Payment. 
  2. Attendance Log from the gym showing you attended two times per week.
  3. A Reimbursement Request Form, filled in to completion, signed, and dated, by the Tribal member.

Any discrepancies in documentation will result in paperwork being returned to Tribal members delaying the process of repayment.

Please download the Reimbursement Request Form here:

Reimbursement Request Form

Navigation to Resources & Assistance with Applications

Need Help? Our Cowlitz Tribal Member Services Navigator is here to assist Cowlitz Tribal Members in looking for resources within the Cowlitz Indian Tribe and beyond, our Navigator can also help fill out applications or other forms as requested. 

Public Notary Services (Service provided at the Cowlitz Indian Tribe Dupont location)

Cowlitz Tribal Member Services offer Free Notary services at our office location in Dupont, WA. Please schedule an appointment with a no cost notary today, please call 1-877-COWLITZ. 

Legal Aid Referrals (WA state only)

Cowlitz Tribal Member Services is partnered with Northwest Justice Project to assist Cowlitz Tribal Members in Washington State with Legal Services such as:

Our goal in Cowlitz Tribal Member Services is to make every Cowlitz Tribal Member feel respected, connected, and supported.


Prescryptive Info Postcard 2024

Our Locations
DuPont Office
1000 Davis Place DuPont, WA 98327
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm closed 12:00pm to 1:00pm for lunch
Contact Information:
1-877-Cowlitz (1.877.269.5489) or


The legacy of an ancient people in southwest Washington is rich with descendants who manage a growing portfolio of health, education, scientific research, housing, transportation, development, elder care, conservation and legal issues. The Cowlitz Tribe is a growing force in community building in what are now Clark, Cowlitz, Lewis and parts of Pierce, Skamania and Wahkiakum Counties, a vast territory occupied by numerous Cowlitz villages prior to non-Cowlitz exploration and seizure. Today, an elected Tribal Council is composed of professionals adept at managing multiple programs and projects.