Natural Resources

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Cowlitz Indian Tribe
Natural Resources Department

Phone: 360-577-8140

Street Address:
1055 9th Ave, Suite B
Longview WA, 98632

Mailing Address:
PO Box 2547
Longview, WA 98632

Mission Statement:
To protect, conserve, restore and promote culturally-relevant species and landscapes integral to the unique identity of the Cowlitz People. To further educate the community and inspire future leaders and participants in this vision.

Department Purpose and Need:
Innumerable aspects of traditional Cowlitz culture emerge from the natural landscape, including plants like red cedar, acorns, camas, wapato and huckleberries. Significant animal species include elk, deer, mountain goat, salmon, eulachon (smelt), sturgeon and lamprey (eel). Key habitats and locations include all the rivers and fisheries, prairies, oak woodlands, berry fields and sources of obsidian, chert or jasper.
The department has as many specific goals as there are landscape components, arising from sources of both skill and need. The purpose of the department is to weave individual tasks into an integrated whole. A rope, not strands. A blanket, not threads.

The natural components fundamentally underlie both the traditional and the modern cultural identity of the Cowlitz People. Culture is derived from the interactions of the People within the landscape. If any species goes extinct, that particular cultural thread is forever broken and the rope is weaker, the blanket has an un-patchable hole.

The persistence of the Cowlitz People and Cowlitz culture is the goal of the department, and the purpose of the entire Cowlitz Indian Tribe. This ideal is best integrated in the department’s Mission Statement.

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Nathan Reynolds Ethno-ecologist / Habitat Program Manager
Taylor Aalvik Natural Resource Director
Rudy Salakory Habitat Restoration & Conservation Manager
Erik White Wildlife Biologist / Wildlife Program Manager
Robert Harju Natural Resources Tech/Tribal Carver
Eli Asher Sr. Restoration Ecologist
Dalton Fry Stewardship Program Manager
Amy Boyd Forest Land Manager
Tiffini Alexander Program Assistant
Stewart Freitas Senior Lands Steward
Kirk Russell Fish Distribution Program
Pete Barber Restoration Ecologist / Fish Restoration Project Manager