Did the permit process change recently?

Yes, the Service recently streamlined the permitting process for eagle carcasses and parts. Previously, a first-time applicant submitted a permit application and shipping request to his/her Regional Migratory Bird Permit Office and the Permit Office transmitted the order to the Repository. The applicant did not receive his/her permit until after receiving the shipment and mailing back a signed Acknowledgement of Receipt to the Permit Office. Each subsequent shipping order was sent to the Permit Office to be forwarded to the Repository. The permit was amended when the Permit Office received the signed Acknowledgement of Receipt for the re- order.

Now, the Permit Office will process only the initial permit application and, if approved, issue the permit right away. The permit will authorize the applicant to possess eagle carcasses and parts provided by the Repository and will be the only permit needed, regardless of the number of requests filled by the Repository. The Permit Office will then forward the first order to the Repository for filling. An applicant will not have to send an Acknowledgement of Receipt to the Permit Office in order to get their permit. Permit holders will send any subsequent Re-Order

Requests directly to the Repository. The permit will not have to be amended to cover re-orders. The original permit will be valid for the life of the permit holder.

In summary, now you will obtain your life-time permit from your Regional Migratory Bird Permit Office. After your first order has been filled, you will deal directly with the Repository for any re-orders. You will contact your Permit Office only if you wish to make name or address amendments to your permit.

What items may Native Americans order from the Repository?

Native Americans may order up to one whole golden or bald eagle or equivalent parts at a time. They may also order specific eagle parts or loose eagle feathers.

What kinds of parts are available?

Orders may be placed for a pair of wings, tail, head, pair of talons, or trunk. You many not order more of any part than is found in one whole eagle.

How many loose eagle feathers may an individual request?

There are two types of loose feather requests:

· 10 Quality Loose Feathers: These consist of 8 wing feathers and 2 tail feathers which are hand picked. Because supplies are limited, no more than 2 tail feathers will be provided per order. Wing feathers will be selected half from the left and half from the right wing, unless specified all from one side. Spike feathers will be utilized. Efforts are made to match the best quality feathers.

· 20 Miscellaneous Eagle Feathers: These consist of assorted bald or golden eagle feathers and may include various size feathers (such as primaries, secondaries, tail, and plumes). Quality may vary. Applicants may not customize orders.

May a school request eagle feathers for graduation?

Yes, schools may request eagle feathers to present at graduation to Native American students who are enrolled members of federally recognized tribes. A representative from the school who is an enrolled member of a federally recognized tribe should apply at the beginning of the school year under the miscellaneous eagle feather category, which has the shortest turn around time. More than one representative may apply; however, only one order per applicant (including requests for feathers for personal use) may be placed or awaiting shipment at a time. Upon receipt of feathers, applicants may reorder and may continue to do so throughout the year until the number of feathers needed have been acquired.

How long does it take the Repository to fill orders?

The demand for eagle carcasses, parts, and feathers is high, and supplies are limited. The time needed to fill requests will vary depending on the items ordered. Estimated time frames for various items are provided below. (Please note that requests are filled based on current inventory.)

  • Whole immature golden eagles: Approximately 5 years
  • Whole adult golden eagles: Approximately 41⁄2 years
  • Whole adult and immature bald eagles: Approximately 21⁄2 years
  • Whole tail only – golden eagle: Approximately 4 1⁄2 - 5 years
  • Whole tail only – bald eagle: Approximately 2 – 2 1⁄2 years
  • Pair of eagle wings: Approximately 1 year
  • 10 loose quality feathers: Approximately 6 months
  • 20 miscellaneous feathers: Approximately 3 months 
  • Trunks only: On receipt of request 
  • Head only: On receipt of request 
  • Talons only: On receipt of request

For information about permit requirements, contact:

The Permit Office responsible for your State (see attached list of Migratory Bird Permit Offices).

For more information about the Repository, contact:

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service National Eagle and Wildlife Property Repository Rocky Mountain Arsenal, Building 128 6550 Gateway Road Commerce City, Colorado 80022 (303) 287-2110 http://www.fws.gov/le/Natives/EagleRepository.htm

July 20, 2011

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