Saint Martin's University, Lacey, WA, Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering, 1973


Elected to the Tribal Council in 1993, Vice Chairman in 2006, Chairman in 2008, Re-elected as Chairman in 2009. Economic Development Committee Chair, Professional engineer, structural design, project management, personnel management and operations management of public utilities and public works facilities such as roads, bridges, sewers, buildings, parks, and other municipal facilities, also specializing in environmental regulations.


Washington State Registered Professional Engineer No. 16745, August 1, 1977


Cowlitz Tribal Council, Elected Chairman and Chief Operating Officer 1992 – 2011

Tribal Council in 1993, Vice Chairman in 2006, Chairman in 2008 to present. Appointed by Governor Gary Locke to the Lewis and Clark 200 Year Commemoration Commission, representing Western Washington Tribes at the White House Celebration, July 4, 2002. Helped achieve federal Recognition of the Tribe and served as the Economic Development Committee Chair, providing leadership in the tribes’ economic development project on its Initial Reservation. Responsible to the General Council for the tribal operations in Administration, Natural Resources, Cultural Resources, Financial Operation, Tribal Gaming Authority and Health and Human Services. Attended Tribal White House Conferences in 2009 and 2010, testified before the Congress on Tribal Land issues. Worked at the national and local level with the US Congress, House and Senate, Department of Interior, the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the National Congress of American Indians, The National Indian Gaming Association, The Indian Gaming Regulatory Commission, the Washington Indian Gaming Association, The Indian Health Service, HUD, EPA, DOC, DOJ, the Governor’s Office, the State Legislature and many others on many Cowlitz Tribal issues needed to improve services for tribal members, restoration of the tribe, to provide self-sufficiency leading to economic independence for the tribe.

City of Tacoma – Civil Engineer 1975 – 2011

Department of Public Utilities – Construction and Engineering Division - Implementation, planning, directing and programming for the major capital projects including Fish Passage facilities on the Cowlitz River and a major South Service Center Facilities project development including coordination of multidisciplinary project teams to meet project standards set out by FERC, NERC, DOE, WSFWS and USFWS, etc.

Department of Public Works, Engineering Division - Implementation, planning, directing and programming for the major capital projects of the City of Tacoma with major emphasis economic development and in environmental permitting and review, USACOE, WDFW, ESA, Cultural Resources and toxics clean up, for the Thea Foss Waterway redevelopment project, The International Glass Museum, The I 705 Pedestrian Bridge (Chihuly Bridge of Glass), Thea Foss Waterway Esplanade, Marina, Esplanade and Dock Street. Street Maintenance Division Manager - management and operations, personnel management, equipment management, budget preparation and monitoring, labor relations, environmental requirements, street and grounds equipment and supplies management, purchasing, safety, budget, crew assignments, labor relations. Engineering Division Design Manager for the Engineering Division - management and engineering for the design of projects, including roads, sewers, buildings, parks, municipal facilities, Building Official - Buildings Division Inspection and Plan Review Sections - structural, fire, health and life safety. Building, plumbing, heating and boiler permit and plan approval, and inspections. Project Management - building construction, plumbing, heating, street, sidewalk, sewer, water electrical, etc. inspections and approval for compliance with City building, health and life safety codes and ordinances

Prior Experience

Design Engineer March 1974 to May 1975

Anderson-Bjornstad-Kane Consulting Engineers - Structural and civil design for commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial buildings of complex structural design, including the Consulting Engineering Council Award winning ARCO base camp at Prudhoe Bay.

Construction Engineer June 1973 to March 1974

Peter Kiewit Sons, Contractors - Design, supervision and inspection of concrete form work, including slip form concrete placement, reinforcing steel placement, structural steel construction.

Engineer Intern June 1966 to June 1973

WSDOT – Surveying – Construction engineering – specifications standard – contract administration assistance.


1975 Consulting Engineering Council – ARCO Base Camp Project

2002 Puget Sound Regional Council Vision 2020 Award – Thea Foss Waterway Redevelopment

2002 International Waterfront Center Award - Thea Foss Waterway Redevelopment

2002 WSDOT Special Projects Award – Chihuly Bridge of Glass

2003 PAW/American Planning Association Washington - Thea Foss Waterway Master Plan

2004 Outstanding Civil Engineering Achievement - Thea Foss Waterway Redevelopment


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